Hi, my name is Carolyn Barnett, and I am so grateful to be able to use some of my creativity to help people succeed. I am a fibre artist who has been in the business of art since 1982 with Carolyn M. Barnett Designs.

Carolyn M. Barnett

How I got Started


Back in ‘the day’, when I started, we sole owners, creative beasts, artisans, with our own small businesses, had to rely on printed flyers stuffed into envelopes, hand addressed, stamped and mailed to our mailing list. That’s where it ended. The flyer might end up on the ‘fridge, clipped to a notice board if we were lucky …. or binned. We also would put flyers up on telegraph poles…which were taken down the next time the city worker came down the street to clean up.  Also, we only had the address of the interested party who signed up at a show. Now we have social media which can spread far and wide (whether we want it to or not) and websites which can be searched for, stumbled upon or gone to immediately because the URL (link) is printed on your business card.

My original webmaster, a great guy, started a website for me many years ago and it was great to finally have a web presence, even if it was only four pages. After a while, I wanted to upload new photos of shows I had been in as soon as I got home and keep my wonderful clients updated on new designs and events. Starting with a blog which I called ‘…theartofwool… but is now on my up to date website https://barnett-knits.com/blog I could put current news attached to my site, then I took over the building and designing of it myself.

Working both with wool and my computer I found that I now had two passions and kept my computers updated. Colleagues in the arts asked about having a website so I built them or directed them to building their own, or at least a Facebook Business Page or blog.

Good websites have lots of visuals so I am sometimes called upon to take photographs for the sites or at least edit what I am sent by my client. Sometimes I find myself coaching a client in some aspect of their site which they can do themselves.

I like to work one on one with my client who is often a one-man band themselves.

I live in Canada with my husband Clint and our two paddleboards.