The Person Behind the Site

Shirley In Her Studio

It’s really cool building a web site for one person…an artist. This is what I have been doing mostly and I get to know the subject as I build.

Shirley Gibson-Langille is someone I have known for a few years, I love her sketches and paintings and she’s a cool lady. I enjoy going to her house to work on her site as her mobility isn’t what it was…I get to see a lot of her work and also her newspaper clippings written about her.

Shirley has awards, work in private collections and exhibitions coming out her ears!!! I feel honoured. When you get to know someone in senior years it’s fascinating and enlightening to get to see the younger person as I do when I look at her newspaper articles.

As I’ve aged I can relate more and more to our senior citizens and wish and hope the younger folk of today some insight into the folk who helped bring our world to where it is today, the good things, with their positive contributions. With any luck (and taking care of ourselves) most of us will get to an advanced age and have many years to contribute to our culture if we use our time wisely and not wait until ‘tomorrow’.

Stars & Stripes Article Jan 1980

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