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Anytime something drops into my inbox to do with learning…I jump on it. Last weekend I walked my feet off working around a large table creating a Nuno felted vest under the instruction of Eva Camancho-Sanchez. I learned new techniques and refined ones I already used…and maybe made some changes. Then, after an afternoon demonstrating machine knitting and talking about it’s history (over 400 years) I went to a WP Women’s Coding class.

I don’t code but am always willing to understand coding. I’m sure I’d make a dog’s breakfast of it if I did but as with fibres like wool, cotton, linen and silk I want to know how they work…behind the scenes.

The workshop turned out actually to be setting up a WordPress blog, something I’m kinda past, but it doesn’t hurt, when you work alone most of the time, to network with others. There were people there who already worked, either for themselves or with a business, in WordPress and after we walked through the set up … on a Canadian server I haven’t used….yet, I got to ask questions one on one. I got to take home a bit more insight, some useful information and more of a feeling of community.

I’m looking forward to getting into more workshops with this group.


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