Hi, my name is Carolyn Barnett, and I am so grateful to be able to help people succeed. I, Carolyn Barnett, am a fibre artist who has been in the business of art since 1982 with Carolyn M. Barnett Designs.

How I Got Started..

My original web master, a great guy, started a web site for me many years ago and it was great to finally have a web presence. After a while I wanted to upload new photos of shows I had been in as soon as I got home and keep my wonderful clients updated on new designs and events. Starting with a blog www.theartofwool.blogspot.com I updated the site sooner then took over the building and designing of it myself.

Working both with wool and my computer I found that I now had two passions and kept my computers updated. Colleagues in the arts asked about having a web site so I built them or directed them to building their own, or at least a Facebook Business Page or blog.

Good web sites have lots of visuals so I am sometimes called upon to take photographs for the sites or at least edit what I am sent by my client. Sometimes I find myself coaching a client in some aspect of their site which they can do themselves.

I like to work one on one with my client who is often a one man band themselves.

I live in Canada with my husband Clint and our two paddleboards.

Carolyn M. Barnett